Not sure why you need to schedule same-day delivery this year? If you want to make money this Christmas, read on to find out more!

On December 17, 2012, the United States Postal Office processed 658 million pieces of mail! As you can imagine, that numbers only grown exponentially since then.

Maybe this holiday season you have some last-minute products to send out to your customers. Or maybe you forgot to mail your nephew’s present out, and you need it sent, pronto.

Whatever the reason, you’d stand to benefit from same-day delivery. Here are 9 reasons why you need same-day delivery this holiday season.

1. Gain Loyal Customers

There’s always that person that procrastinates hardcore and doesn’t shop for and send Christmas presents until the last minute possible. In this case, if you’re a business owner, you want to help them get that gift into the recipient’s hands pronto.

When they see you go above and beyond to ship their gifts fast, they’ll be more inclined to use your services in the future.

2. Get a Leg up on Your Competition

Remember those procrastinators? They’ll be searching hardcore for items to buy and send to their relatives in time for the holidays.

Chances are, they’re thinking of delivery time first, then quality of the gift. You can have the best items ever, but if they’re not going to make it to the recipient by Christmas, then you can forget about making any sales.

When customers go to your website and see that you can get packages in their loved ones’ hands in time for the holidays, they’ll be extremely pleased. And if you can offer quick shipping and your competitors don’t, then you can squeeze in some extra profits before the end of the year when customers choose you over them.

3. Decrease the Chance of Disappointing Your Relatives

If you’re a regular consumer who likes to wait until the last minute to buy and send presents, then there’s less of a chance for you to send late presents this year if you use same-day delivery.

This is especially handy if you’re sending out handmade gifts that have taken you up until the last minute to craft. Just pop same-day delivery onto these presents and they’ll get there in time!

4. Less Chance of Packages Being Lost

When packages have to be sent to different warehouses and stored in them overnight, there’s a higher chance of them being lost in the process.

When you use same-day delivery, the package stays with the courier the entire time, so there’s little to no chance of your items getting lost while in transit.

5. Less Chance of Breakage

Again, the packages you send with same-day delivery won’t leave the courier company’s side since they must get them to their final destinations within 24 hours. This means they won’t be picked up or tossed around as often, as they’re under the care of one company.

Plus, couriers are usually invested in providing top-notch services to their customers. Because they take pride in the work they do, they’ll handle your items much more carefully than the regular post office does.

6. Get After-Hour Deliveries

Regular post offices only deliver packages during regular business hours; this means no deliveries on weekends. If you really want to make sure a present gets to your recipient who isn’t free except for after 5:00 pm and/or weekends, then same-day delivery is highly advantageous to use.

This is because couriers will delivery during those times. As a result, you’ll ensure the package is delivered safely instead of sitting outside on the doorstep.

7. Packages Are Tracked

If you’re trying to send something expensive, you may be wary of how it gets from point A to B. If it’s left out on the doorstep, or if it’s received by a shady neighbor, then that pricey present may go to the wrong person.

With same-day delivery, you’ll always get package tracking, as well as a signature upon delivery. That way, you’re sure that the right person received the package. And if not, that’s on the courier.

8. It’s Cheaper

Many couriers are able to offer you cheaper, more affordable delivery prices than the regular post office will. Plus, you’ll get personalized services, as courier companies are usually smaller and more dedicated to helping you out.

When you urgently need to get a package to a loved one or customer, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to do so. While same-day delivery is indeed more expensive than regular shipping, it’s still a lot less than what the post office would charge you.

9. Logistics Are More Streamlined

When you don’t have an efficient delivery schedule, then there can be a backup of inventory in your warehouse. Or worse yet, if you work out of your home, you may be left stuck with a huge pile of products!

When you can ship products out as soon as you get them (or as soon as you’ve finished making them), you won’t have to deal with a warehouse or room crammed full of items just waiting for the postman to take.

When you get huge influxes of orders during the holiday season, this can be especially beneficial.

You Need Same-Day Delivery This Holiday Season for Sure!

After reading this list, surely you agree that you need same-day delivery this holiday season. While it may cost a little more than regular delivery services, it’s all worth it when you can guarantee a speedy and secure delivery.

Whether you’re a business owner who needs to get their products out quick or you’re a grandparent who wants to make sure little Timmy gets their present on time, same-day delivery is a must!

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