The couriers and local delivery services industry has grown by 4.8% between 2015 and 2020. However, it’s shocking how many people are still completely unsatisfied with their courier services.

The courier company itself needs to provide excellent service. But not just that; their drivers have to be absolutely outstanding as well.

Wondering what makes a delivery driver truly stellar? Then here are 8 outstanding qualities they should have.

1. Maintain Their Vehicles

A key part of being a courier is having a vehicle that’s safe for the road. It’s easy to slip into noncompliance and not maintain their cars, especially those are additional costs they may not necessarily want to shell out.

But an excellent delivery driver will be very alert and will notice anything that’s slightly wrong with their cars. Not just that, but they’ll promptly get those issues fixed so nothing will get in the way of them delivering their packages on time and safely.

In addition, they’ll be vigilant about taking their vehicles in for regular maintenance. Just because there’s nothing visibly (or audibly) wrong doesn’t mean everything’s alright. The best courier drivers will know this and will be proactive in maintaining their cars.

2. Drive Safely

Not only do the best delivery drivers maintain their vehicles, but they also drive safely.

42% of couriers have reported vehicle damage from collisions as a result of pressure to make their trips on time. This most likely means they resort to dangerous driving habits, which doesn’t do anyone on the road any favors.

Every delivery driver should be able to make it on time to all of their jobs without having to compromise on safety. A reckless driver is definitely not someone you can trust to get themselves and your package to you in one piece.

3. Good Concentration

Being a courier isn’t a one-and-done job. Typically, their days are stuffed full of deliveries.

Because they have to be on the road all day long, delivery drivers need to have good concentration. Otherwise, they risk missing crucial deliveries or even getting into car accidents that are preventable.

Without good concentration, they may also fail to be on time to deliver within the window of time you’re expecting them.

4. Efficient at Their Jobs

Again, delivery drivers usually have a full schedule from the start of their day to the finish. They need to be savvy at ordering their route so they get the most efficient drives possible.

If they’re not organized and intuitive about the routes they need to take, they’ll most likely be delivering their packages late. The best delivery drivers will have the sense to get an overall view of all their deliveries for the day before just impulsively driving all over the place to get everything done.

If they’re able to look at the bigger picture to get all their deliveries done, then this is a strong indication that they’re responsible and trustworthy.

5. Always Punctual

Perhaps the most important aspect of the abilities of a delivery driver is to always be punctual. After all, if you promise your customers that a package will arrive at a certain time, it should, right?

All the above qualities should work together and enable the delivery driver to have an excellent track record for punctuality.

For instance, they should always maintain their vehicles, plan out their routes efficiently, and drive safely to each destination. Not to mention they need to have outstanding concentration as well so they can adhere to their rigorous schedule.

6. Great With Paperwork and Communication

What many people fail to realize is when working as a delivery driver, there’s quite a bit of paperwork involved.

Think about it: there are a few handoffs for your package, which means it has to be properly documented where and when it’s changed hands. Not only that, but the courier will also have to communicate with various parties involved to ensure they receive the packages at the right time.

A delivery driver should be fantastic with paperwork and communication. Otherwise, you risk losing your package, especially if it’s coming (or going) to somewhere far and will change hands multiple times.

7. Impeccable Customer Service

And, of course, one of the most important qualities delivery drivers should have is impeccable customer service.

How many times has your doorbell rung, you scramble to answer it, and by the time you open the door, your package is flung on the doorstep and you just see the back of the courier?

Or maybe they actually stand and wait for you, but when you open the door, you’re greeted with a sour face and barely any words. And if anything is wrong, they’re curt and even rude with you.

A good courier will be very polite and give you service with a smile. Even if you’re frustrated with their services, they won’t change their demeanor. Instead, they’ll do everything they can to help rectify the situation so you’re completely happy.

8. Love Driving

Everyone should love the job they have, and couriers are no exception. If they don’t enjoy what they’re doing, then this will definitely show in all the above qualities.

While they don’t necessarily have to be 100% gung-ho about delivering packages, they should at least like to drive for long periods of the day.

Get the Best Delivery Driver for Your Needs

Now that you know what the outstanding qualities every delivery driver should have, you’re probably realizing that you’ve been missing out this entire time.

No matter if you’re just waiting for grandma’s package or a shipment for your business, you deserve to get your items when you want them. So stop waiting around for mediocre delivery services and instead, choose a company that cares about your satisfaction.

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